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Summary outline of research studies currently active.

In addition to holding brief descriptions of the projects, these wiki pages are used by the lab to document ongoing work (for example, software programming notes).

We like to write lots of notes on the fly. The waist-deep-in-a-project, nuts-and-bolts documentation pages are usually only available to lab members.

We are happy to share code and techniques upon request.

Multiple Neural Pathways for Encoding Visual Shape

Dorsal Visual Cortex Processes for Shape Perception

Shape of 3D concavities

3D letter recognition

Role of the Basal Ganglia in Shape-based Object Recognition

Influence of Physical Size on Perception and Memory for Objects

Effect of real-world size on object shape perception

Effects of large-scale spatial separation on word item memory

Identifying Object Shape Features

How does the visual system identify parts of common objects?

Which face features do we use to recognize different emotions?

Detecting clusters of objects

Visual Numeracy

Cortical networks for understanding numbers

Mathematical Ways of Operating - Neural Correlates

Meta-analysis of numeracy neuroimaging

How does visual grouping affect enumeration?

How do generative AI image models estimate number?

Visual Esthetics

Hearing Disorders

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